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How to get from Tulum to Holbox, Mexico

You can travel from Tulum to Holbox by ferry + bus, private transfer, rental car, or on a guided day tour. Check out our guide with all the important information.

Holbox Island, located off the northeastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, is a hidden gem that is quickly gaining popularity as a vacation destination!

The island’s crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches are a paradise for beach-goers, while its laid-back atmosphere and small-town charm make it an ideal escape from the stresses of everyday life.

But there’s much more to Holbox than just its beautiful beaches. The island is home to a wide range of wildlife. In the summer months, you can even go whale shark watching and see these gentle giants up close in their natural habitat.

If you’re a nature lover, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the island’s natural beauty!

You can go bird watching, visit the local Mayan ruins, or take a boat tour to see the island’s stunning mangroves. And when you’re ready to relax, there are plenty of cozy cafes, restaurants, and bars to choose from!

And you can experience all that by booking a guided day tour of Isla Holbox!

Experience Holbox like a local with a professional guide, and visit the Yalahua Lagoon, Bird Island, and Passion Island by joining this Holbox Island Full-Day Trip with Lunch!

We recommend this tour to get the ultimate Holbox experience and discover its beauty!

Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, get in touch with nature, or immerse yourself in the island’s rich culture, Holbox has something for everyone!

Check out our guide for all the important information on traveling from Tulum to Holbox.

Distance from Tulum to Holbox

The distance from Tulum to Holbox is about 168 kilometers or 104 miles by car and ferry.

It takes around 3 hours and 20 minutes to travel by car and ferry from Tulum to Holbox.

Transportation Options from Tulum to Holbox

The following table outlines all transportation options from Tulum to Holbox:

MethodTravel timePrice
ADO Coach Bus + Holbox Express Ferry from Tulum to Holbox6 hours 40 minutesUSD 56
Private Transfer + Holbox Express Ferry from Tulum to Holbox~4 hoursUSD 265-USD 320
Rental Car + Ferry from Tulum to Holbox3 hours and 20 minutes
Transport + Tour from Tulum to Holbox~12 hoursUSD 196

Getting to Holbox from Tulum

1. ADO Coach Bus + Holbox Express Ferry from Tulum to Holbox

Travel time: 6 hours 40 minutes

The ADO Coach Bus + Holbox Express Ferry Ticket Deal is the most affordable way to get from Tulum to Holbox!

This is an excellent option for all types of travelers, which includes both the bus trip and ferry ride from Tulum to Holbox Island at an affordable price of only USD 56!

The first part of your trip is covered by ADO- a dependable and popular bus company that provides comfortable and safe travel through Mexico. 

They provide restrooms, televisions, reclining seats, and air conditioning on all of their buses, so your 5-hour journey from Tulum to the port in Chiquila is smooth and comfortable!

Then, once you’re in Chiquila, you’ll have to transfer to one of the ferries that will take you to Holbox in about 40 minutes!

Although you can reserve the bus and ferry tickets independently on your own, we strongly recommend booking this combined ticket online in advance!

Departure TimeArrival TimeDurationPrice per Person
10:20 AM05:00 PM6 hours 40 minutesUSD 56BOOK NOW 6.59.51 PM e1667205837574
How to get from Tulum to Holbox Mexico1

2. Private Transfer + Holbox Express Ferry from Tulum to Holbox

Travel time: ~4 hours

Booking a private transfer from Tulum to Holbox is the best option if you want to travel in a little more comfort and luxury and to get there quickly!

Having a private driver with a private vehicle to cover the trip from Tulum to Chiquila is a practical choice if you’re traveling in a group.

From Tulum, the driver will pick you up and take you straight to the port at Chiquila.

After you get to Chiquil, all that’s left to do is board the ferry to Holbox!

You can travel in the utmost comfort, leave and arrive whenever you like, stop along the route, and take in the scenery!

The trip is quick and safe, and the car will have room for your luggage.

Consider the costs associated with various group sizes and choose the one that works best for you. One seat is reasonably priced and worthwhile if the expense is divided among the group.

Prices for a Private Transfer + Ferry from Tulum to Holbox:

  • 1-3 passengers: USD 265
  • 4-6 passengers: USD 299
  • 7-10 passengers: USD 320

Do you need help arranging your private transfer from Tulum to Holbox?

Fill out the form below, and one of our Mexico experts will contact you!

We can also organize your transport in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Colombia!

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How to get from Tulum to Holbox Mexico2

3. Driving with Rental Car + Ferry from Tulum to Holbox

Travel time: 3 hours 20 minutes

There is also the option to rent a car and travel from Tulum to Holbox for the daring! You can drive the distance between Chiquila and Tulum if you want complete independence and flexibility to explore the Yucatan!

There are tons of car rental options in Tulum, and all you have to do is make your pick!

Once you drive from Tulum to Chiquila, you must find parking where you can leave your car since you can’t take it on the ferry. Parking should be relatively inexpensive, so expect to pay only a few dollars!

Additionally, you will pay USD 15 for the ferry ticket, which will take about 40 minutes to get to Holbox.

This is one of the fastest options to travel between Tulum and Holbox, which allows you to plan your own itinerary, drive at your own leisure, and make stops as you like.

Instead of being constrained by schedules and navigating crowded public transportation, just rent a car and drive yourself from Tulum to Holbox!

However, remember that you’ll have to get your ferry tickets separately, so we recommend booking online in advance!

Also, to find out more about the ferries and schedules, check out our detailed guide on how to get from Chiquila to Holbox and prepare for the first part of your trip by finding out How to get from Tulum to Chiquila here!

We also recommend browsing for a car rental and making a reservation in advance!

4. Tour + Transport from Tulum to Holbox

Travel time: ~12 hours

And lastly, one of the most exciting ways to visit Holbox Island is on a guided day tour from Tulum!

We recommend booking this Holbox Island Full-Day Trip with Lunch and getting the best out of Isla Holbox in one day!

On this full-day excursion from Tulum, you will discover Holbox Island and its neighboring islands, Isla Pájaros and Isla Pasión.

You will observe its wildlife, marine life, migrating birds like flamingos and pelicans, and other unusual species as you explore the protected region with a guide!

Afterward, visit Cenote Yalahau, a cenote encircled by mangroves and a gorgeous landscape. Take the scenery from the top of a lookout and swim in the stunning clarity of the waters. Its waters are said to have healing qualities, which is why it is referred to as the “spring of eternal youth.”

You will then continue to Isla Pasión, where you can relax in the sun and sea. After, you will finish the day off by dining at a local restaurant before returning to Tulum!

The best part is that the transportation from Tulum to Holbox and vice versa is also included in the price of this tour!

Best day tours in Holbox, Mexico

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With Get Your Guide, you can discover authentic travel adventures and take advantage of personalized suggestions and itineraries with more than 60,000 guided tours, famous landmarks, and much more!

Check out the following widgets for more day tours in Holbox, Mexico!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest option to get from Tulum to Holbox?

The cheapest option to get from Tulum to Holbox is the one-ticket deal for the ADO Coach Bus + Holbox Express Ferry, which costs only USD 56!

What is the fastest way to get from Tulum to Holbox?

The fastest way to get from Tulum to Holbox is by car and ferry. This way, the trip duration is around 3 hours and 20 minutes.

How much does a ferry ticket from Chiquila to Holbox cost?

A one-way ferry ticket from Holbox to Chiquila costs USD 15.

How long is the crossing from Chiquila to Holbox?

The ferry trip from Chiquila to Holbox takes about 40 minutes.

What is the distance from Chiquila to Holbox?

The distance from Chiquila to Holbox is 13 kilometers or 8 miles.

Is there a cargo ferry from Chiquila to Holbox?

There is no cargo boat from Chiquila to Isla Holbox because the island doesn’t allow any cars.

Where is the arrival point for the ADO bus from Tulum to Chiquila?

Buses from Tulum arrive at the ADO station located in Chiquilá on Av. Delfines No. 6.

Is there parking at the port in Chiquila?

In Chiquila, several parking lots are next to the ferry terminal, where you can park your car overnight safely.

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